Camping time

It’s been a long time since we were camping.  The last time was when we drove to the East Coast with only our Toyota, a tent and some sleeping bags.  We actually stayed in a hotel for a night on the way down.  But for the rest of the trip we camped out properly in our tent.  Thank goodness we had a good one – along with our sleeping bags – to keep us warm and comfortable at night.


There are places in the world that almost speak for themselves as far as travel destinations or places that must be seen.  I can think of Venice, and Paris among others.  I mean, does anyone really need a travel brochure to tell them to visit those places?  I should think that London as well would be among such a list of places.  Now there’s a place that is chock-full of places to see and “Roman ruins” as my husband has infamously chased down on a certain other trip across the Atlantic.

I would also put London at or at least near the top of our personal travel destinations for the next 10 years.  It’s not that it’s the only city in the world with a sitting Queen or rich 2,000 year-old history.  I’ve already mentioned Paris.  And then there’s Rome with an even older history.  But only London – of the three – has you drive on the left side of the road and where you drive your car on the right.  What else could you want?

Well, before you find yourself cruising the back roads of London on the left side and driving on the right, perhaps it would be best if you did your searching for London hotels from the comfort of your home computer.  I mean, there will be enough challenges just trying to navigate London’s inner and outer thorough-fares without having to worry about where you’re going to bunk for the night.  And driving a mouse with your right (or left if you’re a lefty) is probably much easier than steering a physical automobile in London.

Trip to Peru

We’ve told the story already about the time before we were married,
and we took a trip to the East Coast of Canada. We were young and
relatively inexperienced travelers and consequently didn’t exactly plan
our vacation all that well. As a sign of that, we found out that when
coming upon any major stopover along the way, it is always best to have
booked a hotel beforehand. You see, we didn’t. And we ended up sailing
on through Quebec and most of New Brunswick into the wee hours of the
morning without stopping in Montreal like we wanted.

It’s the same for any travel destination. Take for example one of my
dream vacations of a trip to Peru. Now, we could board a plane and
hope for the best when we got there. Or… we could find out what Peru hotels
there are and book our stay in advance. Which plan would help us avoid
the nightmare that befell us years previously? Obviously, it’s the
wise thing to call and book (or reserve online) our stay at one of
Peru’s amazing hotels first.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to plan out the itinerary beforehand
as well in order to make sure that all the places to see along the way
have hotel space available for two. I’m thinking already that I’d love
to see Machu Picchu, that amazing and ancient site. And my husband is
whispering in my ear about wanting to see the Nazca Lines as well. So
we’ll start there and make sure we get the best deal on a beautiful
hotel near both.


Horses are still very important in our culture because of the history that we have shared.  They provided us transportation before there was the internal combustion engine.  They allowed us to travel further and faster than mere boots would allow.  And they gave us the advantage over our enemies when that was needed.

Today, horses are mostly used in our culture for competition in such sports as horse racing and polo.  Those who ride horses competitively are closer than most to these magnificent animals.  They would tell you better than I how great they are.

They would probably also be the first to tell you that a horse requires a great deal of respect.  They are much bigger than us and so every precaution – such as wearing reliable equestrian helmets – must be taken when approaching a horse as a rider.

Tropical Vacation

I spoke too soon a few weeks ago when I told my mom that I always look forward to March, because to me it signals the beginning of the end of winter.  Unhappily, January has come without hardly a trace of warmth.  Very disappointing.  I’m starting to seriously envy all my friends and family who managed to get away at some point this month.  They certainly haven’t missed anything.

But it’s not too late to make some plans to fly away – especially considering Punxtatawny Phil is possibly facing capital punishment for mis-prognosticating.  Apparently, there’s plenty of winter left.  Maybe it’s time to book that cheap vacation we’ve been meaning to take but haven’t for the last few years.  (Speaking of which, perhaps Phil should have taken a vacation himself this year.)

So there’s no need to be jealous when you hear of your friends frollicking in the surf in St. Croix, or dancing poolside at a resort in Barbados.  There are some awesome vacation packages available to even the most budget conscious family.  And why worry when there are even great packages deals geared specifically to families with young children.

Speaking of children, we’re a family of four.  And our kids are just about the age when they’re able to handle extended trips and stays.  I used to think that a vacation getaway for a young family was a virtual impossibility.  Now I might even recommend dragging the kids along on that tropical vacation even earlier than I once thought.  And it has a lot to do with the accommodating nature of the latest vacation deals.

Caribbean cruise

We have friends that are headed on an epic Caribbean cruise for their upcoming anniversary.  About the only thing that’s not included in the cruise’s itinerary is a stay at Morocco hotels, which is too bad considering the beauty of that area.  Otherwise, they will be at various ports of call in Italy, Greece and Turkey.  It sounds like an adventure of a lifetime if you ask me.

It’ll be an exciting time for my friends.  However, upon hearing the news, my husband has given me more than one dirty look as I’ve kicked him under the table trying to give him a hint.  So far he hasn’t taken the hint however.

Still, I’d love to be the one to be spending time with my hubby on a cruise in the Mediterranean, visiting such exotic places as Morocco and Turkey – not to mention Greece and Italy.  There just seems to be so much history and life to be gleaned from such a trip.  And not just because I’ve never been to those places (except for visiting destinations in Italy).

Morocco in particular looks like a place where you could spend an entire year and not claim to know much – if anything – at all about the place.  Its mystery, romance, and adventure wrapped up into one geographic location.  I’m not one to boast, but I’m hoping that we’ll make it there at least once in our lifetime – anniversary or not.

Of course I’d love to visit everywhere mentioned at least once in my lifetime as well. And I suppose part of the fun of it is in dreaming and planning. So I’ll keep planning and dreaming.